Principal Message

"Children are the Priority

Change is the Reality

Collaboration is the Strategy"

It is a matter of honor for me to be a part of Sri Guru Harkrishan Public School, Ludhiana and Chief Khalsa Diwan, Amritsar, an epitome of 'Man Nivan Mat Uchii.'

Today teaching profession is considered to be very important for the overall growth and development of the nation. A strong foundation laid during the school days will help the students to climb the ladder and get elevated to higher positions in their lives. The aim of education is to nurture the young minds and transform them into accomplished, confident and dynamic citizens. For this setting of high standards and rigorous goals of achievement is the watchword.

The aim of the school is not limited to passing of class X or XII with good marks, but to instill among its learners academic, ethical, social and economic skills and capabilities that would enable them to make worthwhile choices in their lives. The need is to envision excellence in them, help them develop a vision and take ownership of their vision.

We aim at developing a professional learning community of teachers, who work in a collaborative working environment, instead of fragmented efforts. We emphasize academic expectations for all, thereby trying to bridge the gap between the high and low achievers. We understand that each child is unique, having a different learning style and pace, not only capable of learning but also capable of succeeding.

Work towards your goals and have success in life.