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S.Sewa Singh Ji Banga retired as a Tehsildar during his services laid the foundation of this school. His endless services for the school along with his team members made the school touch the heights of glory. And today his son S.Amarjeet Singh Banga has taken over the task to nurture the school with his sincere dedication and devotion. And made the school touch the heights of glory and success. Every year the school excels in itself by giving good and remarkable results in all the streams i.e science ,commerce and humanities.

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The school is being run under the aegis of Chief Khalsa Diwan, a world famous organization working to the cause of spreading education among the Sikhs. The foundation stone of the school was laid by Srimaan Baba Jaswant Singh Ji in 1986. S. Sewa Singh Ji (Retd. Tehsildar) took initiative to start the school along with other distinguished personalities of the city. During the last 27 years, the school has excelled in both scholastic and co-scholastic areas. It was affiliated to PSEB but now the school has got affiliation with Central Board of Secondary Education, Delhi in 2013.

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Chief Khalsa Diwan, which was established in 1902, is the oldest Socio religious organization of the Sikhs. Besides establishing and promoting various charitable institutions, it has done yeoman's service in propagating the cause of education. Educational conferences are held at various places all over the country where it is decided to take consolidated steps towards the furtherance of education. Chief Khalsa Diwan has about 40 school situated mostly in the remote, far flung backward and border areas of the state. Ours is one of that chain of 40 schools run by Chief Khalsa Diwan under local committee, Chief Khalsa Diwan, Ludhiana. The school is a living dream of many visionaries whose painstaking efforts and great care has brought fruit to make their dream come true.


The aim of the school is to cater to all round development of the children, equip them to take their cherished place in life with distinction and enable them to follow the ideas of service to the nation and mankind. The school has a sacred mission to providing quality education to the students.

The school has a sprawling campus having an aesthetic and congenial environment, which provides indoor and outdoor facilities to the students. Latest and well equipped Science Labs (Physics, Chemistry and Biology), two Computer Labs, Home Science Lab, Maths Lab, Art & Craft Room, Music Room, a well stocked library with informative magazines and educational journals are available. A well furnished Gurdwara Sahib is situated in the campus to inculcate religious, moral and ethical values. Educomp smart classes, twelve in numbers, have been set up in the school to make all students abreast with the latest technological development and also to facilitate better understanding and providing a visual aid of the concepts taught in the classroom.

The education provided here is with latest techniques and smart classes. The concept of education in the past was the master the ‘Three R’s -Reading, Writing and Arithmetic. But in the modern day flat world the three R’s changed into four C’s-creativity, critical thinking communication and Collaboration.

School system need to change according to the pace of the world. D.Roselvelt said,’’ We cannot build the future for our youth but we can build our youth for the future.” The school has tried to set a milestone by introducing a ‘News letter’ in the session 2016-2017. School gives full participation in all the co-curriculum activities inside and outside the school campus.







As a part of the holistic development the school has in its curriculum planned time for the pursuit of an activity which child enjoys and learns. Each section has a period allotted for club. Students of classes I-XI opt for a club of their choice from a variety of about 14 clubs. The teachers are deputed to guide the children. So that they can enhance a skill of their choice.

The following Clubs & Forum are being offered to the students of classes up to XI. The clubs will be held weekly in the activity periods. The material for these classes will have to be brought by the students. The teacher in charge of the particular club will inform the students about the requirement of the material. The purpose of these clubs is to provide the students a platform for expression and creativity beyond academics. The skills are honed as per ability tapped. The students are evaluated twice for the skills developed.

Group I

Club Name (Literary & Creative Skill)


Music Vocal/ Instrumental

Vibrant hues of Art

Speaker's Forum


Bits & Bytes


Group II

Club Name (Organizational & Scientific Skill)


Model Making

School Band